Have you ever wanted to grow more rapidly or consistently in your personal and professional life? Through our SOLID Pastor Coaching process, we will help you improve performance, increase effectiveness and experience growth in your church, your ministry, your team, and your life.

Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Everyone wants to grow. With SOLIDpastors coaching you can scale your growth exponentially.

Maximize Your Kingdom Impact

The better leader you become, the greater impact you have on your team, your church and the Kingdom of God. Your leadership matters. Invest in it.

Experience Transformational Results

Great coaching always delivers tangible, trackable results. This is a key focal point of every coaching engagement at SOLIDpastors.


We serve high-capacity ministry leaders who find themselves in one of the following categories:


Have you recently started a new role? Do you want to gain traction and momentum right from the start? Let us help you with our trusted executive coaching focusing on onboarding and new role accomplishment.


Are you in a season of growth? Want to keep the momentum, juggle the challenges, and accelerate your growth? With our trusted coaches, you will be empowered to lead at the highest level even during this high growth season.


Has it been too long since you celebrated a big win? Are you experiencing a unique season of challenge? Are you seeking how to grow in the days ahead? Let us help you with our proven process and a customized leadership development plan designed just for you.


Are you tired of obstacles you can’t get past? Are you approaching burnout? Have you thought about giving up? Let us help you get back on track, move forward and even explore how God can uniquely use you.


Tactical Focus

Goal Achievement

Trusted Accountability

Renewed Passion

Measurable Growth


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SOLIDpastors is a non-profit division of SOLIDleaders, a pioneer and leader in executive coaching for over 30 years.

Our SOLID companies have coached over 1200 clients with over 36,000 hours of coaching experience. Our proven process and our unique resources have all been developed by our SOLID executive team.

SOLIDleaders has coached CEO’s and Executive leaders from well-known companies including:


This reflects our time-tested process utilized with executives and pastors from around the world

Phase 1: Orientation

Objective: Build trust, and fully orient the Ministry Leader to the coaching process

Deliverable: SOLID Coach/Leader Confidentiality Agreement and initial draft with scope of work

Phase 2: Assessment

Objective: Accurate assessment to unlock ways to accelerate growth to the next level.

Deliverable: Review of previous assessments with recommendations for how to achieve growth

  • Review already completed assessments; administer behavioral assessments and personality profiles as needed.
  • Assess Leader’s strengths and challenges in relationship to current challenges.

Phase 3: Goals

Objective: Establish SMARTER Goals.

Deliverable: Customized Leadership Development Plan (LDP)

  • SMARTER = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timetabled, Evaluated and Related to Mission.
  • Ensure all goals are tied to measurable results

Phase 4: Coaching

Objective: Provide custom coaching methodology producing transformational results.

Deliverable: Customized toolkit of strategies, tactics and techniques to achieve next level results

  • Accountability systems for ensuring progress is well documented, measurable, and maintained.
  • Discuss other sources of information, including white papers, articles, books, courses and workshops to accelerate growth and development.


Let us know if you would like to speak with any of our SOLIDpastors clients and we will gladly make an introduction.

My coach at SOLIDpastors helped me in all the critical needs of a growing church: Vision, Team Building, Mentoring, and Personnel Transitions. He cut years off my learning curve. My coach was more than an advisor; he became a friend.

Matt Cassidy

Senior Pastor

I can highly endorse SOLID. They helped me to accelerate my professional career on multiple occasions. SOLID has helped me turn my personal life around and live a much more balanced life. All I can say is without SOLID’s coaching I would not be where I am today.

Dick T.

VP of Customer Service

My work with SOLIDpastors has been instrumental in helping me negotiate the increasing complexity of a multi-site/multi-staff church. SOLIDpastors helped me maximize my personal strengths and their value to our organization. I highly recommend SOLIDpastors to every church leader.

Larry Coulter

Senior Pastor

SOLID has gifted and well-connected executive coaches who added tremendous value both to my company during a significant period of transition, as well as helped make me a more effective leader through 1-on-1 coaching. I highly recommend SOLID for anyone motivated to improve their career.

Robert J.

Business Development Executive, $178M Software Company

I have been a pastor for thirty years. I regularly attend conferences, have participated in different coaching groups and have learned a lot from it, but all my training combined didn’t help me as much as one hour with a leadership coach with SOLIDpastors! In just four months I have found deep SOLID resources which have allowed me to take my church to the next level.

Craig Walker

Senior Pastor

SOLID coaching is really helping me deal with many aspects of my work life. It is helping me deal with my senior executive relationships and motivating my people to be more productive. It is great to have someone experienced to discuss complex and troubling situations with.

Mitchell M.

President, $2B Technology Distributor


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