Box Of Chocolates

Friends, there was a famous movie, Forest Gump. One notable quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.” Today, I am reflecting on that as I sit to have a conversation with Christ, me, and you. I never know where God is going to take me today, and it is exciting. I have no idea where we will end up in 300 more words. What chocolate do you have for me, and my readers today, Lord Jesus?

Dear child, the metaphor works well, for I am sweet, and delicious. I always have something that you will enjoy. And, I am new every morning in my conversations with my children.

OK Lord, I am ready for something sweet. In fact, I would like a whole box of surprises.

Dear child, when you find that you are playful with me, you may know that you are having the kind of conversation I desire. I am your friend. I gave you a good sense of humor. When you joke with me, I enjoy that. Sometimes you are too serious. This process of following me has great joy at times, and during those times, playfulness is appreciated and accepted.

Good Lord Jesus. My mentor encourages that as well, and I am grateful that you are my friend, and I can joke around with you. When I have my eyes on heaven, things of this earth become less somber, although there is plenty to be sad about. I often think that you are sad. When I try to see the world through your eyes, I see so much pain, suffering, and evil.

There is a lot of that. True. There is also a lot of joy, happiness, peace, love, kindness, and more. There is great beauty everywhere. My creation, both in nature, and with mankind, is most amazing. It depends on what you are experiencing at the movement personally, what others around you are going through, and what you are choosing to look at. Gaze on me. See my handiwork. Be amazed, for the world you live in, for all its deep failures, has great successes as well:
• A newborn baby’s first cry.
• A child’s first word.
• A human achievement.
• A sunrise, sunset, and all in between.
• A star-lit night.
• A tiny ant.
• A bright full moon.
• A mountain vista.
• A lush valley.
• A family saying grace before a meal.
• A worship service.
• A person coming to faith in me.
The list goes on into eternity.

Lord Jesus, I notice as I reflect on this long list, that has no end, I am uplifted with joy.

And now, my child, read CNN and all the horrors happening around the world. That will surly suppress your joy. Do you see what I am saying? It depends on what you are looking at. You have choice. I gave you free will, and the power to choose. You can choose wisely.

Yes, Lord. I see. My life with you can be a box of chocolates, stale, week-old bread, or worse. I need to look at your beauty, keep my eyes focused on heaven, and enjoy you and your daily provision for me. You are sweet and delicious. If I consume you all day long, I have a smile on my face, joy in my heart, and great hope that whatever comes my way, you are with me to sustain me.

I am here for you. Put all your hope in me. Hold nothing back. Rely only on me and my provision for you. Do not trust in your own wisdom, knowledge, or strength. I will walk with you when you walk, run with you when you run, and stand with you when you stand. When you like down, I lie with you. When you rise, I am there to greet you. When you lay down for the last time, I am there to take you home.

Lord Jesus, there are no more words that need to be said. I surrender my plans, dreams, and ambitions to you. I put myself and family in your loving arms. Do with us as you will. Lead us where you want us to go. May your Holy Spirit give us the strength to carry out your Great Commission with the love of your Great Commandments. May we give you all the glory and honor for all that is good, not blame you for that which is not, and walk, run, sit, stand with you and for you. May we lie down at the end of our life with a deep peace that only you provide. The same peace we have now. May we have that same joy that comes from knowing you. May we love with your love today, tomorrow, and forever. In your Holy Name, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, we humbly pray. Amen.

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
15 June 2023

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