The current pandemic has affected each of us in unique and unexpected ways that no one could have anticipated. As we are faced with more and more uncertainty, pastors are vital lifelines in their role as guides, beacons of light and hope through these most challenging of times. How will you steer those that depend on you through the darkness of feeling worn out and lost, when you are feeling the draining effects of burnout? When the captain is weakened, the whole ship could run off course, so why not bring someone on board to steady the sails? When you seek a trusted confidant, someone to turn to in navigating the unique challenges of your role during this pandemic, SOLIDpastors is there to provide coaching for pastors with carefully screened coaches who truly understand.

It’s not always easy to ask for help, it takes humility and a deep commitment to doing whatever it takes. But once you take that first step, we are there walking beside you with the pastoral coaching you need to navigate any obstacle. The path we take will be a four phase journey with a focus on your specific needs. This journey begins with an orientation to get you familiar with the coaching process and then we will make an assessment of where you are now and where you’d like to be. This process will hone in on your strengths and challenges as a church leader and how they relate to the challenges you currently face. Next, we will develop what we call SMARTER goals as they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timetabled, evaluated and related to your mission. In the final phase, we deliver highly customized coaching that will provide you with a toolkit of strategies, tactics, and techniques for tackling the unexpected twists, turns, and valleys of today’s pandemic landscape.

Unprecedented times call for innovative approaches, perhaps it’s time to take inventory of the way your church operates as a whole. As a dynamic approach to leadership for pastors, we offer advising services to enhance organizational design and development, improve overall operations, and increase the camaraderie of your church staff, so that everyone functions together as an effective team. When appropriate, we utilize advanced software to approach all aspects of your ministry and develop a strategic vision for the near future. Whatever your direction and specific needs, our compass is ready to guide you there.

Your leadership is important, so devote yourself to upholding your mission by getting connected with a resource that was created just for you. Benefit from a free session with SOLIDpastors today.