We use a competency model for identifying organizational and/or individual effectiveness. We have identified five categories of competency required for maximum performance: Core Character, Execution, Relationship, Management, and Leadership. Following is a summary.

Core Character

Topics in the Core Character category include: 1. Care and consideration; 2. Courage; 3. Dependability and reliability; 4. Integrity and ethics; 5. Loyalty and trustworthiness; 6. Positivity; 7. Rigorous honesty; 8. Self-awareness; 9. Servant leadership; 10. Tenacity and persistence.


Topics in the Execution category include: 1. Creating innovation; 2. Driving action; 3. Driving results; 4. Focusing attention; 5. Leveraging intelligence; 6. Managing meetings; 7. Managing time and priorities; 8. Organizing self and others; 9. Running the Church; 10. Solving problems.


Topics in the Relationship category include: 1. Adapting behavior; 2. Building relationships; 3. Building teams; 4. Communicating information; 5. Leveraging networks; 6. Listening to others; 7. Managing conflict; 8. Negotiating outcomes; 9. Projecting presence; 10. Reading body language.


Topics in the Management category include: 1. Board management; 2. Capital campaign management; 3. Change management; 4. Financial management; 5. Organizational design; 6. Organizational development; 7. Operations management; 8. Performance management; 9. Project management; 10. Staff management.


Topics in the Leadership category include: 1. Casting vision; 2. Organizational change; 3. Demonstrating courage; 4. Employing diplomacy; 5. Exercising sound judgement; 6. Influencing others; 7. Inspiring others; 8. Leading strategy; 9. Mentoring leaders; 10. Studying leadership.


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