Feet are important. Without them, we can’t stand. Without them, there is no Gospel. Without them, there is no salvation. As we journey through our lives as believers, we’re frequently drawn to the hands of Christ, the instrument of His miracles, the loving comfort that healed and embraced. But today, let us focus our thoughts and spiritual contemplation on the feet of Christ, equally instrumental in Christ’s ministry and redemptive mission. “And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15 NIV


In the Bible, feet often signify the entirety of a person’s walk and lifestyle, signifying the direction they are taking, and what they stand for. This symbolism couldn’t be more appropriate for the feet of Christ. Jesus was a traveler, a wandering teacher who took His divine message across towns and cities. His were the feet that journeyed through dusty roads, rocky hills, and the green countryside of Judea. They led Him to places where the destitute and afflicted resided, and it was these feet that held Him firm as He preached the good news of the Kingdom of God, our Heavenly Father.

The feet of Christ also led Him to Jerusalem for His ultimate sacrifice. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples in an act of humility, compassion, and service, modeling the path we, too, are to tread. These were the feet that were nailed to the cross, symbolizing the profound depth of His love and sacrifice for us all.

Romans 10:15 NIV beautifully states, “And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” Here we discover the beauty of the feet of our fellow believers who actively bring forth the Gospel. The beauty of their feet is not physical, but metaphorical, signifying the readiness, willingness, and diligence to share God’s message with the world. It is in these actions that the good news of Jesus is made known, and the transformative power of God’s love reaches people from all walks of life. The feet of our fellow believers remind us that we are all part of the Body of Christ, each member having a significant role to play. As we collectively follow in the steps of Jesus, we aid in spreading His message of love, grace, and redemption.

Dear child, wash the feet of others. That is your purpose. That is why you are here on earth. So many people wonder about, search for, and struggle with their purpose on earth. My Word is clear: Wash each others’ feet. Humble yourself. You are here to serve others.


Our own feet are not to be overlooked in this spiritual journey. Just as we ponder the significance of the feet of Christ and our fellow believers, we must reflect on our own journey. Just as Christ’s feet led Him to service and sacrifice, and our fellow believers’ feet carry them to share the Good News, our own feet must walk in the path of righteousness and peace. Each step we take should be a reflection of our faith, guided by Christ’s teachings and imbued with love, compassion, and humility. In Ephesians 6:15, Paul encourages us to have our feet “fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.” This involves being prepared to share God’s love and being at peace in every circumstance, knowing that our path is ordained by God.

Dear child, look at your feet. Where are they taking you? Either you are walking away from me, or toward me. There is no standing still. Come to me, and I will give you a deeper purpose in life. You life will take on greater meaning and your joy will be complete as you walk continually toward me.


As we contemplate the significance of our feet in our spiritual journey, let us remember that every step we take is an opportunity to manifest God’s love and truth. May our feet lead us to places where we can serve others, share the good news, and display the transformative love of Christ. As we move in the world, let us do so with the knowledge that our feet are forever free, not bound by earthly troubles, but liberated by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Through the feet of Christ, the feet of our fellow believers, and our own feet, we can understand and appreciate the beauty of the spiritual journey we are all on. Let us continue to walk in faith, hope, and love, forever free in the liberating love of Christ.

Dear children who follow me, come. Plant your feet firmly on the Gospel I have given you, and mission I have entrusted you with, and my Holy Spirt that gives you the strength for your journey toward me, your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love you. I will never love you more than I do right now, and I will never love you any less. Come. But beware where you are walking.

Lord, thank you for your instruction today. May we have ears to hear. May we follow you. May we keep moving toward you, your love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and redemption. Amen.

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
5 June 2023

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