Founder Bio

Daniel Mueller

Patty and Daniel Mueller

Daniel Mueller, Founder of SOLIDpastors, provides coaching and advising for senior leaders of Christian ministries. He is passionately dedicated to helping senior Christian vocational leaders of all denominations become more effective in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

Relying on his background and education in organizational design and development, behavioral psychology, and management consulting, Daniel has been successful in helping individuals and organizations improve their performance. Since 1987, he has designed leadership training curriculum for everything from Fortune 500 companies to small church plants. Daniel has delivered tens of thousands of one-on-one and small-group leadership coaching sessions during his 30-year coaching career. He has also provided numerous seminars, workshops, and speeches, and has executed hundreds of advising and consulting engagements for non-profit and for-profit organizations, large and small. Since 2001, he has increasingly focused on giving back to the Christian vocational ministry leadership community. Daniel is passionate about serving (Mark 10:45) by providing his time and resources to senior pastors and executive directors of Christian entities who want to grow themselves and the organizations they lead. Continuing to spend time in the for-profit world, Daniel serves as a leadership coach to CEOs and senior executives.

Daniel was led to Christ and baptized in 1982 by Phil Landrum, Associate Pastor of Southwest Christian Church. Early on, he was discipled to be a Christian workplace minister and “tent maker” by Acie Johnson, founder of Biblical Leadership for Excellence.

Daniel has held several leadership roles in the workplace ministry movement and within the local church. Doug Sherman, graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and author of “Your Work Matters to God,” has heavily influenced his approach to workplace ministry, and several decades of attending Bible churches have given him a deep love and respect for the study of scripture.

On February 16, 1996, Daniel had a huge moral and spiritual failure, which led him into recovery from alcoholism. His sobriety date is March 4, 1996. By the grace of God, he has been sober since that time, and continues to actively help others gain and maintain sobriety. He coaches from a place of weakness, not strength, thinking: “If God can put me back together after making such a mess of my life, he can help anyone!” He frequently gives his testimony, which is a compelling story of redemption, filled with God’s grace and love. Feel free to ask him to share it with you.

Patty has supported this ministry since the beginning and helps run our Latin American initiatives. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and has been a resident of Panama City, Panama for more than 25 years. Patty has a background in international trade, is instrumental in expanding SOLID’s ministry in Latin America, and serves as translator for Daniel’s speeches there. Daniel and Patty have three children, Audry, Valerie, and Sharon.