Dear Father God, Christ Jesus, and Holy Spirit, Blessed Trinity, you are always talking, right? Is that true about you, that you are always saying something? That you can listen at the same time as you are communicating with us, and that you are sending each of your children a never-ending stream of communication? I think of it as God-streaming.

Yes, child. I am continually bathing you in “I love you’s”, “I’m with you’s”, and “I’m for you’s”. You have not the ability to grasp how much communication you receive from me, because most of the time, you are not even trying to listen. You are busy with other things.

Well, how can you have me, and others, to hear you better? How do we better pick up on this channel – this God channel. How do we stream God better? How can we better tune in to this God-cast?

My child, first, you have to want to listen to me, and have a deep, burning desire to hear me. Then, you need to get into my Holy Word, which will help your mind slow down, and focus on me, and my Word for all people. Then, you can just ask me to hear better what I mean for you, individually, by whatever you read. I most often speak to my children through Holy Scriptures. And, through gentle impressions on your soul. Nudges that are my Holy Spirit moving you in certain deeper conversations with me. But you have to slow down enough to really hear me. You must be patient, and clear your mind of the many distractions that life offers you.

Father God, I find it so easy to “forget” that you are here. I get so wrapped up in what I am doing. Sorry. I repent for not spending more time listening to you. I confess that as sin, and ask your forgiveness please.

You’re forgiven, child. And yes, I do understand that life can be busy, that the hustle and bustle of daily life can create a sense of confusion and a constant rush of noise in your mind. You often feel overwhelmed with everything around you, and that’s completely normal. But I encourage you, amidst all of this, to pause. Create a quiet space within your day, and within your heart, to sit in my presence. You don’t have to do anything, simply be still. Remember what Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Embrace the stillness, the silence, and you will start to hear me more clearly. And, I enjoy your two-way prayer method you are using, and teaching others to use. But know you don’t always have to be typing a letter to me to hear me. Don’t be overly dependent on this tool.

Yes, Lord, I need to pause more throughout my day and try to get a sense of what you are communicating to me. Thank you for that reminder.

I also speak to you through your circumstances. My voice can be heard in the middle of your struggles, your joys, your doubts, and your victories. I guide you, provide for you, comfort you, and rejoice with you. Open your eyes, open your heart, and you’ll start to notice me in all areas of your life, in every moment, throughout your day.

Yes, Lord God. Heavenly Father. Christ Jesus. Holy Spirit. What a blessed “One God-Three Person’s” God that we have!

Yes, child. You have realized that the practice of prayer is not just about you talking, it’s also about you listening. It’s a two-way conversation, a continuous dialogue. Pour out your heart to me, tell me your worries, your dreams, your thanksgivings, your confessions. And then, pause, and listen. Let my love, my wisdom, and my peace wash over you. I speak through my creation. Just look around you, my voice echoes through the beauty of nature. The sun that rises every morning, the intricate details of a flower, the magnificent view of the stars at night, they all point to me. Each one of them is a love letter, a message from me to you.

Father God, thank you for loving us so much. You are a God of such beauty. So amazing. You pay attention to every single little detail, and your design for life is so perfect. I just wish there was no evil in this world. It is horrible to see what we do to each other. We cause so much pain and suffering for each other. Satan and his demons are at war with you. It is ugly.

My child, this battle is won. I am the victor. Keep your eyes on me. You were created to have a relationship with me, a relationship that involves ongoing communication. Tune in to the God-channel by nurturing that desire to know me more. By spending time in my Word, by embracing the quiet moments, by noticing me in your circumstances, by engaging in prayer, and by appreciating my creation. I’m not distant or uninvolved. I am always speaking, and I am always listening. As you cultivate an attitude of seeking me in your daily life, you will find yourself more aware of my never-ending stream of communication. It’s not about trying harder, it’s about tuning your heart towards me, for I am always there, always loving you, and always wanting to guide you. I am always talking, dear child. Are you ready to listen?

What? Huh? Just kidding! I love you Lord God.

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
13 June 2023

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