Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired. Four warning signs that I am not right. Four red flags. Four reasons to pray.

Dear Lord, please help me to convey these “warning signs” today, help me better recognized them in my own life, and help me help others to recognize them.

Children, when your defenses to sin are lowered, by any means, it is time to pray. Calling upon my Holy Spirit is a good practice. Surrendering your life to the Holy Spirit, and yielding your “rights” will help you regain a right relationship. These warning signs will help you remember that you need to pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to over-power whatever difficulty you are facing. Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy will be complete in Christ.

HUNGRY: When I am hungry, I need to eat.

ANGRY: When I am angry, I need to surrender that anger to Christ.

LONELY: When I am lonely, I need to allow the Holy Spirit to comfort me.

TIRED: When I am tired, I need to rest.

All: This sounds so simple, when I put it down in black and white text; it is much harder to do when you have one of these four factors affecting your mood. When you have two of these factors happening at the same time, it requires immediate attention. This morning, I woke up to all four! Here is what happened:

• No breakfast. No quiet time. Out of my routine due to travel, late arrival, and over-sleeping. Rushed out of bed into a meeting, taking zero time to pray. Ugh.

• Missed an important meeting through carelessness. Got angry at myself for it. Found myself in a foul mood, ready to fight with the world. Was totally in my flesh.

• Feeling lonely. I have a house full of guests, and I am not getting the attention I would like, and think I “deserve.” It was an immature attitude. I shared this with my wife who consoled me. Thank you Lord for Patty!

• Bad night’s sleep. I have sleep apnea, and need to wear a mask in order to sleep. I failed to do so last night. Stupid me. Can you hear more self-directed anger?

I tackled them one at a time, until I was back in right relationship with Christ. But I noticed how much ground I had lost. Now, I have a full belly of food, handled my responsibilities, got a great hug from my wife, and tremendous comfort from the Lord (we went on a walk together on the beach, and it reminded me of the famous poem “Footsteps.”

Yes, child. When you can’t endure whatever you are facing, in those times, I carry you.

Thank you Lord for your presence. Now, what’s left? A nap! That is next. Unless the Lord has other plans for me. Do you Father God?

Dear child, you can always “start your day over”, hit the reset button, and connect with me until you are back where you belong: surrendered to me, and die to self and to your flesh.

Fair. Great wisdom Lord. Now about that nap: I am open one, or no nap. Whatever you want. Please lead and guide. Amen.

Child, I always do. Rest well.

Thank you Lord!

Your aspiring servant and HALT-avoider,
Daniel M.
29 June 2023

POSTSCRIPT: Dear friends, if this daily, transparent conversation with God blesses you, please go to www.SOLIDpastors.org, where you will find these posted, and a repository of all, in English and Spanish. If you ever want to chat, reach out at Daniel@SOLIDpastors.org. May Christ bless you richly as you have your own intimate, daily Conversations with Christ.