Daniel J. Mueller Executive Director

Greg Ligon

What if you could change the lives of hundreds of people by helping one person grow and develop?  What if you believed you could positively impact the life of a family, a team, and an entire congregation by serving one person? That is what we get to do every day at SOLIDpastors.  As we serve pastors and ministry leaders, we are continually helping them maximize their strengths, overcome weaknesses, and grow in every area of their life.

The goal of SOLIDpastors is to provide best-in-class leadership coaching and training to every gospel leader.  Through this effort, we will raise the level of leadership, health, and growth for every pastor and fuel the advancement of the Gospel and the growth of the local church.

We are uniquely positioned to accomplish this because of the expertise, skill and vision of our founder, Daniel Mueller, a pioneer and leader in executive coaching. Daniel started coaching leaders over 30 years ago through SOLIDleaders, the executive leadership company he founded. Through 3 decades of coaching CEO’s and top executives at well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, 3M and more he saw how people’s lives and careers were being changed and transformed through coaching.

As a dedicated follower of Christ, Daniel decided to create SOLIDpastors to provide the same style of coaching to pastors and ministry leaders. SOLIDpastors leverages the incredible resources, tools and expertise of SOLIDleaders to advance the Kingdom and increase the spread of the Gospel. We provide one-of-a-kind customized coaching resources to pastors helping them grow as leaders in every area of their life.

I want to invite you to explore our website and find out how you can join us and help us change the world.  I would love to talk with you personally if you are interested in connecting with us at SOLIDpastors.  Here are several ways to connect:

AS A CLIENT:  Are you a pastor or ministry leader looking to grow personally or professionally?  Would you like to advance your career and God’s kingdom simultaneously?  Reach out and connect with us.  We would be honored to serve you and connect you to a coach who will help you experience personal transformation.

AS A DONOR: Are you passionate about seeing the pastors thrive and experience growth and health at home and at work?  Would you like to be a part of the growth of the local church and the advancement of the Gospel?  Prayerfully consider giving to support our ministry.  Your gift will impact eternity.

AS A COACH: Do you have significant leadership experience in business and/or ministry and want to help pastors grow?  Are you interested in providing Christ-centered coaching for pastors?  Reach out via email or sign up for a zoom call with me.  I would love to share the vision and the opportunity with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our ministry and how you can join us in impacting eternity. Thank you for your time and support.  May God bless you richly this season with a profound sense of His peace and purpose in all you do.


Expecting God’s Best,


Greg Ligon

Executive Director




If you are interested in finding out more about our ministry, I would love to connect with you, get to know you, hear your story, and share more about our vision.  Use this CALENDAR LINK to schedule a 15 minute conversation via Zoom.