Good morning, Lord. I woke up late. No time to pray.

It’s OK, my child. You are under grace. Have a good day.

Lord, that’s so kind. I appreciate you. You’re the best.

Child, I’m here. You can always reach out. Don’t fail the test.

What test, Lord? Will I get challenged? Should I pray right now?

Dear child, yes. Your time with me is precious. Let me show you how.

OK, Lord, but make it quick. I have a bus to catch. Things to do.

Dear child, it’s short. It won’t take long. A.C.T.S. will cover you.

Adoration. I adore you. I praise you. You are glorified.

Confession. You repent of all sins. You are sanctified.

Thanksgiving. I am grateful. For all you have done.

Supplication. You ask me for anything. And I will certainly do some.

Why not do all that I ask and pray?

Dear child, you’re late. Have a nice day.

Your aspiring servant,

Daniel M.

August 30, 2023

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