Lord, in any conflict, there is my side of the street, that I need to sweep. And there is the other person’s side of the street, that is not mine to sweep. I need to keep my side of the street clean, and when I dirty it with my sin, I must confess that sin to you, make amends to you and them, and turn from my sins. But what I am not called to do, is:
1. Point out their part in the problem.
2. Clean their side of the street.
3. Try to change them.

Dear child, this is all true, but there is one important addition, that I demonstrated on the cross, when I was dying for your sins, and those of all people, past, present, and future. And that was this: Ask me to forgive them of their sins. Remember what I said: “Forgive them Father, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

Yes, Lord Jesus. I see. That is something that I don’t do currently, that I am going to start doing. And, I ask you right now to forgive all who have every harmed me in any way. For ultimately, they don’t know what they are doing. Even the person with the most malicious intent, who really wants to hurt me in their mind and heart, ultimately does not know what they are doing. If they were filled with your Holy Spirit, and was fully yielded to you, then they would not want to hurt anyone. They would be totally transformed from their sin, and they would be Christ-like, and behave like you.

Dear child, in this world, it will never be perfect. Even the ones who are my most faithful and obedient Christ-followers will sin. They sin against others. They sin against me. There is no perfect person. Your job is to:

1. Recognize your part, to the best of your ability. Let my Holy Spirit guide you.
2. Take care of your sin; freely confess it to me, and to others; there is no shame in sin. It happens. Be courageous in looking at it; confessing it, and making amends.
3. Ask for forgiveness from me; receive my forgiveness; then do your very best to not sin again.
4. Seek forgiveness from the person you have sinned against, without pointing out their sin; without trying to change them; without justifying your own behavior.
5. Ask me to forgive that person who has sinned against you.
6. Trust me with the outcomes of this process, and put it fully and completely in my hands. It is not up to you to force the other person to forgive you. They may. They may not. In Heaven, all things will be made right. Wait patiently for that day.
7. Keep an Eternal Perspective.

Lord Jesus, help me and my sisters and brothers to keep an eternal perspective. All things will be made right in heaven. That is good news. That is really GREAT NEWS.

My child. you will have even the most well-meaning Christ-followers sin against you. Remember, all have sinned. All do sin. All will sin. There is no one righteous except me. I am righteous. I am perfect. My children are perfect when they are perfectly led by my Holy Spirit, and they fail when they follow their own flesh. Simply say: Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing. And remember, all things will be made right in Heaven. Remember is that every person you meet is also a child of mine, whether they acknowledge it or not. They too are made in my image, just like you. Each of you is a work in progress, slowly being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

All: the idea of “my side of the street” is helpful for personal responsibility, but let’s not forget that it also encourages understanding and compassion. When you focus on cleaning up your side of the street, you are taking responsibility for your actions, attitudes, and words. You’re striving to live according to Christ’s command to love one another as Christ loves us. It’s important NOT view the other person’s “side of the street” with contempt or judgment. Everyone is walking a difficult journey. The sin we see in them is a symptom of a deeper struggle – just as it is with ourselves. Every person is grappling with their own battles, insecurities, and weaknesses. When we pray for Christ to forgive them, we are acknowledging that they, too, are in need of God’s grace and forgiveness, whether they realize it or not.

Child, this goes back to the surrender we so often talk about. Surrendering to me, your Lord and Savior solves everything. Fully giving yourself to me, without reservation, hesitation, and retaining any of your “rights.”

Yes, Lord. This is not about excusing sin or condoning harmful behavior. Rather, it’s about showing the same grace to others that I have received from you. It’s about learning to see others through your eyes – the eyes of Christ, our Lord, Master, Savior, and Friend. It is about fully understanding and accepting that they too are fully and wholly loved by you and that you desire their transformation just as you desire mine.

Yes, my child. One day, all shall be transformed, in Heaven. Those who are called by my name shall live in total peace, joy, and love with me, forever, in Heaven. The struggle to keep your side of the street clean is part of the sanctification process, part of being transformed into the image of my Son. It is a lifelong journey that will have its ups and downs. You will stumble, you will fall, but remember, my grace is sufficient for you, and my power is made perfect in weakness.

Yes, Lord. When I am weak, you, Christ Jesus, are strong in my life. I have nothing to protect. Nothing to prove. Nothing to justify. You are our strength. You are our proof. You alone are our justification.

Dear children, as you go through this process, remember to keep your eyes focused on eternity. In this world, you will face trials and tribulations, but keep faith, for I have overcome the world. I am in control and I am working all things together for good, for those who love me and are called according to my purpose. So, dear child, when you find yourself in conflict, remember to focus on your side of the street. But also remember to view the other person with compassion and grace, just as I view you. Pray for them, and ask me to forgive them. And above all, keep an eternal perspective, for in the grand scheme of eternity, I am at work, making all things new. Your journey of faith, dear one, is a journey of becoming more like Christ, of learning to love as Christ loved, to forgive as Christ forgave, forgives, and will forgive. Keep your eyes on Christ, and remember that the road to Heaven is paved with grace – grace for yourself, and grace for others. With each step you take, you are not alone. I am with you, guiding you, loving you, forgiving you, and cheering you on. In the end, all will be made right in Heaven. Trust in that, my beloved child.

Thank you Jesus Christ. Thank you Father God. Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
14 June 2023

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