Leadership Coaching for Pastors

Our one-on-one executive coaching is tailored for high-capacity ministry leaders who are looking to take their leadership, practices, and careers to the next level.

Reasons to Engage a Leadership or Executive Coach


You’ve started a new role and want to gain traction.


You’re growing and want to keep the momentum, juggle the challenges, without losing growth.


You’re stalled and haven’t celebrated a success in a long time.


You’re stuck, burnt out, and can’t overcome obstacles to growth.

Why Pastors Engage with SOLIDpastors Coaching

We carefully screen our coaches to ensure they are in the sweet spot of service delivery. This is defined by the interaction of four indices: the natural direction of their career, their greatest strengths, their proven abilities, and their greatest passions.

Our coaches lead pastors through development in two key areas:

Personal Development

  • Grow leadership skills impacting every area of life
  • Advance/manage career
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Gain safe confidant
  • Obtain accountability partner
  • Address marital or familial challenges
  • Prevent and/or recover from burnout

Professional Development

  • Assimilate new pastor/church leader
  • Better manage/interface with Board of Elders
  • Grow leadership skills
  • Gain insight into strengths and weaknesses
  • Build stronger team
  • Refine preaching and speaking skills
  • Train new or difficult-to-manage staff

The SOLIDpastors Process

A SOLIDpastors Certified Coach conducts a two-way interview to determine your suitability and readiness to engage in coaching that is:


  • Completely confidential
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • One-on-one with a dedicated coach who is trained and certified by SOLID
  • Performed in one or two sessions per month, via phone, video, or in-person (to be determined with your coach)
  • Focused on topics of your choice, addressing any aspect of your personal or professional life

Step 1: Orientation to Coaching

During the first weeks of coaching, you will be introduced to SOLID’s coaching process in a firsthand experience. You and your coach will create a personalized plan to address the most pressing challenges in your life.

Your SOLIDpastor coach will have the following roles:

  • Brainstorm partner to solve current problems, challenges, or obstacles in the way of attaining your goals
  • Sounding board for your ideas, giving feedback from another leader’s perspective
  • Accountability partner to help you get unstuck, see blind spots, overcome procrastination—then get into action
  • Trusted advisor who gives an objective and neutral third-party perspective
  • Educator, sharing “best practices” to enhance your skills and abilities
  • Counselor who relies on biblical wisdom when advising on any aspect of your life

Step 2: Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses

After you’ve completed several coaching sessions and are grounded in the coaching process, you and your coach will discuss assessment options. These help us better understand your strengths, and uncover blind spots you may have.

At SOLID, we use seven major ways to assess you and your needs:

  1. Your self-assessment
  2. Your coach’s assessment of you
  3. Previous assessments you have completed that you can provide to your coach
  4. Electronic online assessments
  5. Electronic 360-degree assessments (i.e. feedback from multiple people)
  6. Live, interview-based 360-degree assessments
  7. Other oral and written assessments

 It is entirely up to you which assessments you complete. While there may be several assessments initially, others may be administered throughout your training as you discover areas you’d like to assess.

Step 3: Goals

Eventually, you will develop a Leadership Development Plan. It is composed of your coaching goals, and is usually based on the results of Step 2: Assessments. This plan outlines the specific leadership development goals you want to achieve, and helps keep the coaching on track with clear behavioral measurements that let you and your coach track your progress.

Step 4: Coaching

Your coaching will focus on the areas that you and your coach have identified as the most useful to address. We initially focus on three things as we help you to attain your goals:

  • Leveraging your three key areas of strength
  • Overcoming your three key areas of weakness
  • Developing your staff

Coaching Testimonials

“I have been a pastor for thirty years and I regularly attend conferences and have participated in a few different coaching groups and have learned a lot from it, but all my training combined didn’t help me as much as one hour with a leadership coach with SOLIDpastors! I have benefited most from my coach’s personal approach. He doesn’t just give general advice, but tailors his help to my specific needs. In just four months I have found deep SOLID resources which have allowed me to take my church to the next level.”

Craig Walker

Senior Pastor

Ready to Engage an Executive Coach?