Summary of Services

Summary of Services

SOLIDpastors is a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) that provides personal coaching, professional coaching, and advising services to senior leaders of Christian churches and parachurch ministries. SOLID, inspired by 2 Timothy 2:19, was birthed out of a workplace ministry Bible study in 1989. Since then, SOLID has provided executive leadership coaching to more than 1,200 CEOs and senior executives across the globe. In 1999, SOLID’s founder, Daniel Mueller, started providing coaching to senior pastors as a way of tithing his time and talent. In 2017, we formed a board, filed for non-profit designation, added church-effectiveness software systems to our offering, and began certifying retiring pastors and senior executives as Pastor Coaches and Advisors.

Focus on Senior Leaders

We believe that senior pastors, executive pastors, and executive directors of Christian ministries are collectively the single greatest underserved group of key influencers in society. The pressure on their performance could not be greater and the stakes could not be higher. They need a safe place to turn for help. One of the key reasons we exist is to provide that support.

Services for Your Team

While our focus is your senior leadership, we also provide a full array of coaching and advising services for your staff. We accomplish this through our team of certified coaches and advisors, as well as ministry partners.


We offer software for your church that will help you achieve operational excellence. One of our board members, Joel Trammell, has invested over seven million dollars in developing a software platform that is deployed in the for-profit sector, producing transformational results for organizational leaders. It will do the same for your church, if you are ready for it. And if you are not at that level of operational maturity yet, we can help you get ready. Our team of advisors will determine if it is appropriate for your situation. Go to for more information on this software.

Ministry Partners

In addition to our services, we have ministry partners who specialize in serving Christian church and parachurch organizations. We have teamed up with some of the best in the business to ensure we can handle organizational challenges of any size.

Coach Training

SOLIDpastors provides training for people who are interested in providing coaching to pastors and ministry leaders. This training is designed to meet ICF standards for competent and ethical practice. 

For training details and logistics, please follow this link.