Ministry Leader Coaches and Advisors

Jim Barger
Services: Operations, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1964  |  Baptism Date: 1989  |  Denomination: Interdenominational  |  Current Church: Community Church at Tellico Village  |  Ministry Affiliations: Board of Directors, SOLIDpastors  |  Leadership Roles: CEO  |  Employment History: Pervasive, TOPAZ Technologies, My Executive Consultant  |  Degree: BS Organizational Management, Tusculum College  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Loudon, TN

Merritt Belisle
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1964  |  Baptism Date: 1964  |  Denomination: Catholic  |  Current Church: St. Austin’s Catholic Church  |  Ministry Affiliations: Lector, St. Austin’s Catholic Church  |  Leadership Roles: Chairman, CEO, Vice President; Licensed Attorney  |  Employment History: Baker & Botts Law Firm, Chemical Bank New York (J.P. Morgan Chase), High End Systems, Classic Cable  |  Degrees: BBA, University of Texas; MPA, McCombs School; JD, University of Texas School of Law  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Jason Black
Services: Pastor Coaching, Speaking, Mentoring  |  Salvation Date: 1984  |  Baptism Date: 1984  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: One Chapel, Austin, TX  |  Ministry Affiliations: SOLIDpastors, Proclaim!, Church on the Way, Crystal Cathedral, TBN, CBN  |  Leadership Roles: CEO, President  |  Employment History: Jason Black Consulting, Wealth Teams, Bank of America, Phoenix Enterprises, International Opera Singer  |  Degree: BA, San Jose State University  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Jim Burr
Services: Retirement Coaching, Testing & Assessment  |  Salvation Date: 1960  |  Baptism Dates: 1947, 2014  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: First Colony Church of Christ  |  Leadership Roles: Executive Director, Director  |  Employment History: Mental Health Counselor, Executive & Life Coach, Director of Testing & Assessment  |  Degrees: BS Psychology, Iowa State; MS Education (Counseling), Iowa State; ABD Counselor Education, Iowa State  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Richmond, TX

Dub Dublin
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1973  |  Baptism Date: 1974  |  Denomination: Disciples of Christ  |  Current Church: Redeemer Presbyterian PCA, Austin, TX  |  Ministry Affiliations: Advisory Board Member, Born Again Ministries, Regeneration House & SOLIDpastors  |  Leadership Roles: CEO, CTO, VP Technology  |  Employment History: Chevron, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Tivoli, Baker Hughes  |  Degrees: BS Engineering, Texas A&M University; Executive MBA, Rice University  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Robert Jones
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1982  |  Baptism Date: 1985  |  Denomination: Independent Evangelical  |  Current Church: Austin Ridge Southwest  |  Leadership Roles: Owner/CEO, CTO, COO, Elder  |  Employment History: hOp Life, Togga, OpDots, Magma DA, Silicon Metrics, Synopsys, AMD  |  Degrees: MS Engineering, University of Texas; BS Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Kirk Kriegel
Services: Pastor Coaching, Mentoring, Speaking  |  Salvation Date: 1966  |  Baptism Date: 1966  |  Denomination: Southern Baptist  |  Current Church: Austin Baptist Church  |  Ministry Affiliations: Children At Heart Ministries, numerous church organizations  |  Leadership Roles: VP, Executive Pastor, Team Lead  |  Employment History: Children At Heart Ministries, U.S. Leadership, Executive Pastor  |  Degrees: BBA Management, Baylor University; Master of Religious Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary  |  LinkedIn: Residence: Austin, TX

Steve Lucas
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1986  |  Baptism Date: 1987  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Iglesia Bíblica El Cordero de Dios (Atenas, Costa Rica)  |  Ministry Affiliations: The Brook Ministries, Hogar de Vida, Iglesia Bíblica El Cordero de Dios  |  Leadership Roles: Executive Director (non-profit), Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor  |  Employment History: The Brook Ministries, LifePoint Church, Dallas Baptist University, The Urban Alternative, North Point Baptist Church  |  Degrees: MA Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary; BA Biblical Studies, Piedmont International University  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Atenas, Costa Rica

Daniel Mueller
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1982  |  Baptism Date: 1983  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Austin Ridge Bible Church, Austin, TX  |  Ministry Affiliations: Executive Director, SOLIDpastors  |  Leadership Roles: CEO, Executive Director  |  Employment History: SOLID Leaders, MAI, Wellness Consultants  |  Degree: BA Liberal Arts (Incomplete), University of Texas  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Ron Olfers
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1992  |  Baptism Date: 1992  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Austin Ridge Bible Church  |  Ministry Affiliations: SOLIDpastors; House Director, Austin Ridge  |  Leadership Roles: Director  |  Employment History: Compaq Computers, Dell Inc.  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, Texas

Rod Olps
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 1971  |  Baptism Date: 1972  |  Denomination: Reformed Presbyterian  |  Current Church: Valley Covenant, Moscow, Idaho  |  Ministry Affiliations: The Navigators, Cru, Desiring God  |  Leadership Roles: CEO, CTO, VP Technology  |  Leadership Roles: President/COO, Executive VP  |  Employment History: US Navy, Gilsbar, Marsh, Economic Modeling  |  Degree: BS Louisiana State University  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Moscow, ID

Andrew Rauch
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising  |  Salvation Date: 2000  |  Baptism Date: 2002  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Hill Country Bible Church  |  Ministry Affiliations: Founding Elder, HCBC  |  Leadership Roles: CEO, VP Sales, VP Marketing  |  Employment History: iTexico, Solid Green, Sales Overdrive  |  Degree: BBA Accounting & Finance, Pace University  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Dripping Springs, TX

Steve Rosebaugh
Services: Pastor Coaching, Testing & Assessment, Training  |  Salvation Date: 1987  |  Baptism Date: 1988  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Westover Hills Church of Christ  |  Ministry Affiliations: World Missions, Adult Education  |  Leadership Roles: Director of Operations (non-profit), Missions Team Chair  |  Employment History: Harris, Inmos, Motorola, Rosebaugh Coaching Associates, ASE Group  |  Degree: BS Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Angela Vasquez
Services: Pastor Coaching, Church Advising, Meeting Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Organizational Health, Teamwork  |  Salvation Date: 2003  |  Baptism Date: 1971  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Austin New Church  |  Ministry Affiliations: SOLIDpastors  |  Leadership Roles: CFO, COO, VP Sales & Customer Success, CEO  |  Employment History: Dell, Vignette, McAfee, Khorus, TableGroup  |  Degrees: BA Accounting, University of Texas; Master of Professional Accounting, University of Texas  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Austin, TX

Craig Walker
Services: Pastor Coaching  |  Salvation Date: 1981  |  Baptism Date: 1981  |  Denomination: Non-denominational  |  Current Church: Lifeway Church  |  Ministry Affiliations: Brownsville Community Fellowship Church of Brownsville, TX; Lifeway Church of Fishers, IN; Lifeway Church of Celina, TX  |  Leadership Roles: Director of Missions, Church Planter, Lead Pastor, Church Planter Assessor  |  Employment History: Guide Lamp, a division of GM; Rimmir Corp., a division of GM; Youth Pastor, Church Planter, and Lead Pastor  |  Degree: BA Biblical Studies and Pastoral Leadership, Criswell Bible College  |  LinkedIn:  |  Residence: Celina, TX

Derek Avera
Services: Executive Coaching  |  Employment History: Agency Business, Farmers Insurance, International Business Development, Evangelical Christian Credit Union, National Sales of Merchants’ Choice Card Services, Perry Homes  |  Degree: BBA in Marketing from Abilene Christian University  |  LinkedIn: 

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