Daniel Mueller

Daniel, the founder and CEO of SOLIDleaders and SOLIDpastors, is a pioneer in the executive coaching industry. Since 1987, he has provided executive coaching to over 1,400 CEOs and executives, conducting more than 80,000 coaching sessions and witnessing transformative results.

Passionate about serving leaders at all levels, Daniel is committed to helping pastors enhance their effectiveness in both personal and ministerial domains. His previous roles as CEO of a management training company, business advisory firm, and organizational development consultancy have greatly influenced his approach to pastoral coaching. Daniel’s expertise encompasses disciplines such as behavioral sciences, behavioral psychology, and executive career counseling. He continually expands his knowledge of executive leadership and frequently shares his insights through speaking engagements and publications focused on executive peak performance.

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Arthur Denyer
Costa Rica

Arthur is a Costa Rican professional with a rich and diverse background. Trained as a psychologist, he ventured into the field of market research, where he spent 28 years as a consultant specializing in product development and consumer behavior.

For the past 18 years, Arthur has devoted his time to training leaders and facilitators, honing his skills in this area. Alongside his work in market research, he has spent 16 years actively managing non-profit and church ministries.

For the last 10 years, Arthur has also served as a lecturer and instructor, focusing on soft skills and personal development. He holds certifications both in executive coaching and in spiritual direction.

Diana Sequeira

Diana holds a degree in Business Administration and has worked in Hospitality and Tourism, Real Estate, and Insurance. In 2021, she became a certified Executive Coach with SOLIDpastors, followed by a Life Coaching certification from the Malumbres Institute in 2022.

From 1998 to 2006, Diana served on the Board of Directors for Aglow Nicaragua, where she preached and organized national events. Since 2019, she has been a facilitator of the Partners Worldwide Small Business Curriculum. Diana is also a member of the Board of Directors for Haggai Nicaragua, where she facilitates and organizes national virtual experiences, while mentoring new graduates.

Diana’s primary passion lies in assisting leaders in Latin America in discovering their identity and purpose through a faith-based approach. Diana’s certifications include SOLID Pastoral Coach Certification, Creative Results Management (Coaching Mastery), and Life Coaching from the Malumbres Institute.

Paul Garrett

Paul, originally from Mexico and raised in Costa Rica, currently resides in Guatemala with his wife Sofia. With 14 years of pastoral experience, he has developed a passion for supporting and empowering pastors and leaders to prioritize what is important and sustainable over what is just urgent. Paul holds a certification in Coaching Masteries from Creative Results Management, as well as training from Franklin Covey in Focus, What Matters Most, and Project Management. His dedication lies in fostering healthy leadership and helping pastors thrive.

Sergio Villa
Costa Rica

For several decades, Sergio has had a successful executive career in multinational companies. Simultaneously, he is a passionate musician dedicated to worshiping the Lord. With his children now grown, Sergio utilizes his time and home office to serve as a coach for pastors and leaders. In coaching pastors, he combines his extensive business experience, his background as a Christian leader, and his passion for guiding others through ontological coaching techniques.

Eddy Miranda
Costa Rica

Eddy, a Costa Rican professional, holds an MBA in Marketing and Sales Management. With years of experience as a business advisor and consultant, he brings valuable expertise to the field. In 2013, Eddy obtained certifications in Integral Coaching and Open Space facilitation. He is also certified in Creative Results Management (Coaching Mastery) and Franklin Covey’s Focus, What Matters Most, and Project Management. Currently, Eddy is pursuing studies in Christian Apologetics, imparting teachings and preparing Christians in this theological discipline.

Teresita Murillo
Costa Rica

Teresita, a Costa Rican, is a Christian Life and Leadership Coach. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from INCAE Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Costa Rica. Teresita also completed a degree in Pastoral Studies from ESEPA and has certifications as an Executive Coach from INCAE Business School, Corona Ministry for Coaches, and Success Unlimited Network (SUN) endorsed by the International Coach Federation.

Marco Soto
Costa Rica

Marco, a Costa Rican professional, holds an MBA with an HR specialization. He serves as the Vice President of a technology and cybersecurity company. Additionally, Marco is a Government consultant specializing in Ethics and Values, as well as an international consultant in Organizational Culture. As a Professional Ontological Coach, he is affiliated with international coaching companies such as BTS Coach and Randstad Risesmart. Marco is a member of the ICF and FICOP coaching associations, and he excels as a Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator for team building activities. Furthermore, he is a Certified Consultant in Character Competencies through Character First ©️.

Susana Villaroel

Hailing from Bolivia, Susana is trained in Psychology and specializes in Senior Management, Marketing, and Sales. With a master’s degree in Human Resources Management, she brings a comprehensive skill set to the table. Additionally, she holds international certifications as an Integral Life Coach, Transformational Coach, Specialist in Emotional Intelligence, and as International Mentor. As a member of the ICMF, the Global Network of Mentors, and the International College of Professionals, she is actively involved in professional communities.

Adrián Mellado

Adrian resides in Concepción, Chile, where he actively serves in pastoral ministry. With a remarkable 25-year tenure as senior pastor, he brings that extensive experience to his role as a pastoral coach. Adrian has also amassed several years of experience as a mental health therapist and coach. Apart from his love for reading and writing, his true passion lies in assisting others in their personal growth, whether it be in spiritual, professional, or family domains.

Sofía Quintanilla

Dr. Sofía Quintanilla is a dedicated scholar of the Scriptures and has extensive experience in teaching within various seminars. With a rich background of living in different countries, she has devoted 14 years to pastoral service. Presently, Sofía serves as the academic dean at SETECA Seminary in Guatemala. As a coach, her innate ability to establish empathetic connections creates a welcoming environment for individuals seeking guidance through SOLIDpastors.

Henry Álvarez
Costa Rica

Henry’s ministry journey encompasses diverse roles, from youth pastor to senior pastor, spanning across small rural churches to large urban congregations. In addition to his pastoral experience, Henry has dedicated several years to serving as a chaplain and counselor at a prominent Christian hospital in Costa Rica. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Family Therapy, he is also a passionate coach who prioritizes life balance and the overall well-being of those under his care.