Friends, I confess my addiction to the news. As soon as I get in bed, the first thing I do is whip out my phone, and scan the news. I feel like a little boy stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. I know God wants me to use this time for prayer with him, but Daniel wants to read the news. After all, if I don’t see what is going on, the world may just stop dead in its tracks and stop working. Right? Last night was different.

Dear child, I am glad you recognize this, and realize that I want to be the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. I do want to have a conversation with you, but you shut me out. And yes, last night was a LITTLE different. You gave me a few moments of your time, which I enjoyed. But think about how much richer our relationship would be if you gave me the same kind of time you spend with me every morning.

Lord, I confess that I would rather read my news apps on my phone instead of praying to you. I am selfish and self-centered. I want that time for “ME.”

Yes, I know. How is that working for you?

Not very well. It would be better if I spent time with you.

So why don’t you?

Well, I am addicted to the news, Lord.

Do you think it is time to break that addiction? I will help you.

OK. Let’s do it. Even the few minutes I spent with you last night was good. I did enjoy it.

Well, let’s make that a routine. Our routine. We will check in with each other every night, review your day, and renew your conversation with me, that really I want to be going on throughout the day. But you do get very busy, and forget about me more that you remember me.

Yes I do Lord. I confess that as sin and repent. Please forgive me.

You are forgiven. Of course you are. Let’s start a positive habit of spending your last 15 minutes with me, every night, before you go to sleep. Read my Word, review your day, and pray with me, like you did last night.

OK. Will do.


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it can be challenging to find moments of peace and reflection. However, setting aside a quiet time in the evening with Christ can provide a profound sense of solace, spiritual rejuvenation, and connection with our faith. This dedicated time allows us to cultivate a deeper relationship with God, seek guidance, and find solace amidst the chaos. Here are a few ideas of how.

Special Space:

Establishing a designated space for our evening quiet time can greatly enhance our experience. Find a peaceful corner in your home where you can retreat to, free from distractions. Decorate it with items that inspire serenity and remind you of your faith, spiritual artwork, or scriptures. This space will serve as a sanctuary, inviting you to leave behind the noise of the world and focus solely on your connection with Christ.

Unplug from the World:

To fully embrace a quiet time with Christ, it’s crucial to disconnect from the digital world and minimize external distractions. Turn off your phone or place it on silent mode to ensure uninterrupted moments of communion. Consider informing your loved ones about your designated quiet time, allowing them to respect and support your devotion.

Engaging in Prayer and Meditation:

Prayer is a vital component of connecting with Christ during your quiet time. Open your heart and mind to Him, expressing your thoughts, concerns, and gratitude. Engage in meditative practices, focusing on His presence and listening for His voice. Reflect on specific Bible verses or devotional readings that resonate with your current journey and seek His wisdom and guidance.

Reading Scripture:

Reading the Bible is an invaluable way to deepen your understanding of Christ’s teachings and His love for humanity. Choose a passage or chapter that speaks to you, and take your time to reflect on its meaning. Journaling your thoughts and insights can help you internalize the message and make it a part of your spiritual growth.

Embracing Silence and Stillness:

In our busy lives, we often underestimate the power of silence. Embrace moments of stillness during your evening quiet time, allowing yourself to be fully present with Christ. Silence enables you to hear His gentle whispers, find peace in His presence, and experience His transformative grace. In this serene environment, you can find solace, strength, and spiritual renewal.


Carving out a quiet time in the evening with Christ is a precious gift we can give ourselves. In the tranquil moments of connection, we discover the transformative power of faith and experience a deeper communion with God. By creating a sacred space, disconnecting from worldly distractions, engaging in prayer and meditation, reading scripture, and embracing silence, we open ourselves to profound spiritual experiences that shape and nurture our relationship with Christ.


Make a commitment to prioritize this time each day, and you will reap the immeasurable benefits of a closer walk with our Savior. May your evenings be filled with tranquility and the presence of Christ. Join me on this journey. I know I am not going to do this perfectly, but it is “Progress, not Perfection” that the Lord Christ seeks. Let’s do this!

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
8 June 2023

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