Do the unique pressures of our current times have you experiencing a decline in motivation or focus? Are you feeling stalled or even stuck, without a vision for how to move forward? With church attendance in decline, many leaders are experiencing a unique period of challenge and some are approaching burnout. However, coaching for pastors can help to redirect church leaders that feel close to giving up, back toward the path of growth and stability for broader visions ahead and new potentials for their congregations. 

Assess Your Current State 

When you find yourself in a rut, it’s helpful to take full inventory of your current state in order to determine the best path forward. Taking part in coaching for pastors in which an accurate and thorough assessment is conducted can unlock ways to move forward and initiate the next level of growth. Leaders’ unique strengths and challenges in relation to the difficulty of low church attendance can be assessed in order to determine the next wise move. Strained areas in need of focused improvement will be discovered and areas that are already strong can be further enhanced and maintained. 

Determine Your Future

Once you have assessed your current state of affairs, it is possible to move toward setting attainable goals for the future. If low attendance has you down, a customized leadership development plan will allow you to lay out your goals, ones that are tied to measurable results. When the coaches of SOLID Pastors conduct pastoral coaching they work to establish SMARTER goals. These are goals that are specific, measurable and attainable. They are structured to be realistic, timetabled, evaluated and related to your mission. If potential burnout is the challenge, the goals developed will involve targeted solutions to help you to regain your focus and determination. 

Connect with A Confidant 

Coaches provide leadership for pastors in the form of a safe confidant to help get them motivated and keep them on track for success. If you’re on the brink of burnout take advantage of a brainstorm buddy to climb out of that rut. If you’ve got some ideas for ways you can move forward, share them with your accountability partner and gain a fresh perspective from a neutral third-party who will rely on biblical wisdom when advising. Reaching out to a fellow leader for support can initiate the transformation you need to lead your congregation. Step out from the murky waters of disillusion and flow along a sparking clear river of focus and fresh inspiration.

Your leadership is important, so devote yourself to upholding your mission by getting connected with a resource that was created just for you. Contact us today.