Father God, I notice that doing even one business email before I pray completely takes me out of the prayer and meditation mode, and I feel I just stole time away from you and our time together. I am now distracted.

Child, you did two emails. Not just one. But your mind is unsettled because of the meeting you have coming up. You are excited about the possibility of merging your organization with theirs. You should take that to prayer.

OK Lord. I will put it on my prayer list and start praying for your will to be revealed. Do you want me working with Allen Austin? Please show me.


Lord, my mind is very distracted today. I don’t know what I should pray for. What topic should I pray about? Please lead me.

Child, if you will read my Scriptures, they will settle your mind. Read anywhere you want in the New Testament.

Jesus, this is the scripture that spoke the most to me today in my reading, when you spoke to the Apostle Paul. I like it because it is an example of the result of TWO-WAY prayer: “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

Yes, Daniel. I have conversations with my children every moment of every day, all over the earth. Right now, as you are hearing from me, millions of others are also hearing from me. The question is: Are my children listening?

Lord Jesus, that is why I need to give you my FIRST FRUITS. I must come to you every morning, without distractions. I work out first to wake up my body, and I get a sense that this is OK with you. Yes? But getting into business emails is not good, correct?

Dear child, I can work through your distractions, and help you get focused on me. Do you see what just happened? You got into my Word, and now you are totally focused on me and we are having a great conversation.

Yes, Lord. I forget sometimes to just open your word and read. Your Holy Spirit speaks to us when we read your Holy Word.


Yes, it does, and I want my children reading my Scriptures every day. And I prefer that my children do this first thing every morning upon awakening, and last thing at night, as they are going to sleep. Bookend your day, and also find a time during the day to pray to me, at least once. Look at the Muslims. They pray to a false god five times a day faithfully. Why do my children ignore me all day long, and then expect to be able to hear my Holy Spirit? You must stay connected to the vine. I grafted you in, but you must drink of the nourishment I provide. Otherwise, you are running in your own strength, doing your own thing. It may be in my name, but it is without my power. And then you will take the credit, and it puffs up you, and gives you pride. I say this for my ministry leaders who read this post of yours. Too many are doing “ministry” in their own strength. They are well intentioned, but nevertheless, doing things in their own strength.

Yes, Lord, I will find ways of connecting with you throughout the day, but will also start my day giving you my full attention, right away.

Do you see how much better you feel now?

Yes Lord. I feel much better, and feel your Holy Spirit in control. Thank you for this lesson. I need to avoid doing business emails. And, also avoid doing “ministry” emails. First, I need to spend time with you. For me, an hour is ideal, and a half hour is minimum. I don’t think that people who follow you can really hear your voice if they are rushing through a quick prayer in the morning. I used to do that all the time, and it did not work for me.


No. It does not work for anyone really. It is something that my children use to “check a box” that says: “Yes, I prayed this morning.” But all they actually did it tell me a few things. They did not give me a chance to speak into their lives, because they do not expect to actually hear from me.

Well, what do I tell them Lord Jesus? How will they ever believe that you really do want a conversation with them?


My Holy Spirit is continually communicating to every one that I have chosen to inherit eternal life. It is a never-ending, continuous stream of communication. It does not stop. Once you are a true Christ-follower, the communication begins in earnest, and the Holy Spirit gives my children the power to “hear” from me. I impress upon your spirit messages from my Spirit. But the only way to “hear” these messages is to sit with me, with an extended time of:
1. Reading my Scriptures
2. Listening for what I am saying
3. Quieting the mind without distractions
4. Being open to “hear” my Holy Spirit
If you have your mind made up that you will NOT hear from me, that blocks you from being able to hear. If you ask to hear, then you will. It is simple as that. But it takes time and discipline. The discipline of a daily quiet time of prayer and meditation.

Yes Lord. Prayer: talking to you. Meditation: listening to you.


He or she who has ears to hear, let them hear this.

Thank you for this time today. May this prayer bless all who read it, and may it inspire your children, my fellow Christ-followers, to sit quietly, without distraction, first thing every morning, and “tithe” their time to you, for at least a half hour, if not more.

This would please me. This does please me. Many who are dedicated to me do this. I want more of my children to do this. Continue to write about this and help others to have this discipline.

Lord Jesus, I give you all the credit and all the glory for this disciple you have given me. It is your Holy Spirit in control, not me. I take zero credit. It is all you. I am nothing without you. You are all in all. You are the One True God. You always were. You always are. You always will be. I praise your Holy Name. That at the name of Jesus Christ every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess: Jesus is Lord of All. Amen.

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
19 April 2023