Father God, my Lord, I do not want to give lip service to you being in charge of “my” ministry, “my” company, and “my” life. You are the only legitimate head of “my” life. I want to turn this life over to you, fully and completely. Help me and all who read this to be better followers of you.


Dear child, reflect on this scripture: “But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” 1 Corinthians 11:3 NIV.

We are called to follow the Way of Christ, to follow Him personally, and to obey His Holy Spirit, who lives inside of all who have surrendered their will and life to the care of Christ. We who believe Jesus Christ was raised from the dead by Father God, and who profess that Jesus is the Lord of their lives must turn away from all self-will. We must turn over EVERYTHING. If we have surrendered, then we will be see evidence of that is a surrendered life where we function as those children under the authority of our HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Dear child, so many of my children are running their lives on self-will. They are self-directed, and continually run ahead of my Holy Spirit.

Yes, Lord, I do that. I confess that I don’t ask you enough about my decisions. I repent of that sin and will bring all consequential decisions to you from now on. I will seek your will in all things. As I am reflecting on this, I see that there are many decisions I make every day that are made in my own strength. You are the head of my life. I must act accordingly and bring decisions to you. I must try to discern your will, and at the very least ask for guidance.

Clearly, I need to spend even more time than the hour I do every day in prayer. Wow Lord, I don’t know how I am going to find the time.

Child, if you sincerely want to spend the time with me, you will.

OK Lord. I will make a concerted effort to spend more time throughout the day, seeking you and your will. I will defer to you more often, and acknowledge your rightful place as Lord and head over every aspect of my personal and professional life.


Listen more to God: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 NIV. More time in prayer and meditation is needed to really hear your voice consistently and accurately. No one should complain about not hearing your voice if they don’t sit for extended periods of time, actually trying. There is no substitute for a daily quiet time of prayer and meditation. It is an an essential part of the Christ-follower’s daily routine, yet so few actually have one. Why? We can make all the excuses in the world, and I certainly have in the past. But now, I see them for what they are: excuses. Empty excuses.


Dear children, you have allowed your lives to become so busy that you have little time to sit with me and talk. I want to have a conversation with you, and want you to know me better every day. I desire a deep, intimate, personal relationship with you where you are very comfortable sharing everything with me, holding nothing back, bearing your soul. This intimacy will help you grow into the men and women I want you to be. But you must sit with me every day for prayer and meditation.


Prayer is talking to God.


Meditation is listening to what God is saying.

• Submit fully to Christ’s authority in every aspect of life.
• Avoid the excuse that I am too busy; I must make time for prayer and meditation.
• Taking more decisions to Christ is an excellent forcing function for increasing my prayer and meditation time.


Dear children, find little pockets of time throughout your day to pray (talk) to me and meditate (listen) to me.

Lord, for me, here is my ACTION PLAN from what you are showing me today:
1. When I sit on the toilet to relieve myself, instead of taking my phone with me and reading the news, I will use that time for a “time out” with you to pray.
2. Before I start eating, I will use that time for an extended time to pray and listening to you.
3. Instead of reading the news, or doing email, when I am eating I will be having conversations with you.
4. I will play one worship song on the guitar every day, for a time of prayer and meditation with you.
5. When I lay down at night for sleep, I will kneel at my bedside, and talk to you.
6. When I get into bed, I will continue that conversation with you.

NOTE: I already start every morning on my knees; I will continue that, and continue my two-way prayer time every morning.


Dear child, this is a good action plan. Continue looking for additional ways of connecting with me throughout your day. And don’t forget praying with Patty. Remind her that I want you and her to hold hands, and pray together three times every day.

Yes, Lord. “A married couple that prays together, stays together.” Thanks you for a Christ-follower wife, who seeks to follow you. May be both follow your instruction, stay fully aligned with each other and your will for us, and may we glorify you with our marriage. Amen.

Your aspiring servant,
Daniel M.
18 April 2023