Effective and focused leadership is a dedication to serving others, who follow because trust and respect have been earned. Positive influence borne of leading by example reverberates through our churches, promoting genuine, collaborative momentum. Team building fosters the development of a solid network of trust, and empowers the members of our organizations to make decisions, accomplish goals and fulfill our collective mission. The skills necessary for successful team building can be developed with coaching for pastors aimed at growing leadership capacity in a targeted, personalized manner. A potent leader is one who fosters in team members the ability to form life-long relationships and the impetus to support one another as each individual grows, while maintaining a network of collaboration and success. 

Team building within a leadership role is performed through action. Pastoral coaching can provide an accountability partner to support leaders in practicing what they preach. A coach can act as a safe confidant willing to give honest feedback and address the challenges unique to personal or professional life as a church leader. Here lies an opportunity to gain insight into one’s own strengths and weaknesses, in order to better serve team members and help them to understand and work with their own. Church leadership training offers a commitment to developing both this self-awareness and the team-awareness to help leaders to understand the unique makeup of their church teams and find the best ways to serve and support them in their roles. A wide variety of assessments are incorporated in order to tailor your teams training from the level of individual engagement to staff wide effectiveness and morale. A personalized growth plan is also a useful tool in which a plan is crafted with the intention of improving the teamwork of church staff and overall effectiveness of your organization.

By leading so that those served are able to discover and embrace a true sense of camaraderie, you are providing invaluable support. A cycle may be encouraged in which you participate to your fullest potential with the support of coaching, lead your team members to embrace their fullest potential, and then the members of your team are inspired to support one another to do the same. This sphere of positive influence enables individuals to flourish to the best of their unique abilities and allows for the expression of a sustained state of collaboration, as each realized potential contributes to the whole. Increase the leadership capacity of your entire team and make an even bigger Kingdom impact!

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