Following are endorsements. Please let us know if you would like to talk to any one of these and we will be happy to make an introduction.

“My work with SOLIDpastors has been instrumental in helping me effectively negotiate the increasing complexity of a multi-site/multi-staff church. SOLIDpastors helped me maximize my personal strengths and their value to our organization, while developing new competencies. The monthly coaching calls were instrumental in creating accountability and focus. I highly recommend SOLIDpastors to you and the key leadership in your church.”

Larry Coulter, Senior Pastor

“I had the pleasure of working with a coach from SOLIDpastors as my Senior Pastor Coach for one year. This coach served as a professional advisor and sounding board, assisting me in my work as a senior pastor and was significantly and overwhelmingly positive. My coach was insightful, articulate, trustworthy, and brought a sense of personal ownership to our conversations.  I give the highest personal endorsement to my coach from SOLIDpastors.”

Ronnie Norman, Senior Pastor

“It is difficult to express in words the help and encouragement that I received from my coach at SOLIDpastors. He helped in all the critical needs of a growing the church: vision, team building, mentoring, and personnel transitions. He cut years off my learning curve. It was wonderful to feel confident during the risky implementations of our vision, knowing I had the years of his expertise guiding our decision process. I am grateful for the wisdom and the encouragement I received from him. My coach was more than an advisor; he became a friend.”

Matt Cassidy, Senior Pastor

“Pastors these days have too few trusted resources they can turn to at key crossroads. I needed an unbiased, trusted advisor outside of my board, church staff, even my circle of buddies. My coach thoroughly understood my world, and its accompanying pressures. He helped me unearth the right goals both for my personal growth, and my leadership of the church, and walked alongside me as I implemented some challenging initiatives. I highly recommend SOLIDpastors to any senior leader in a ministry environment.”

Ted Beasley, Former Senior Pastor

“I have been a pastor for thirty years and I regularly attend conferences and have participated in a few different coaching groups and have learned a lot from it, but all my training combined didn’t help me as much as one hour with a leadership coach with SOLIDpastors! I have benefited most from my coach’s personal approach. He doesn’t just give general advice, but tailors his help to my specific needs. In just four months I have found deep SOLID resources which have allowed me to take my church to the next level.”

Craig Walker, Senior Pastor

“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the great work SOLIDpastors provided our church. Without your involvement, expertise, and passion for service, we would not be in the wonderful position we are today. Thank you for the leadership coaching you provided for our senior pastor, and the facilitation you provided at our annual Board of Elders strategy session retreat. Through your encouragement and involvement, we now have on board an executive minister, staff changes and new hires are now beginning to take place, and we are getting the right people on board for further growth opportunities.”

Galen Cobb, Vice Chairman, Board of Elders

“I have greatly enjoyed my time with my coach with SOLIDpastors over the past two years. He is skilled at getting to the point that’s most important, helping me see what my priorities should be, and speaking to me in a way that is fresh and bold, and revealing things others are reticent to share with me. Most of my time as a pastor has rightly been about helping others. It’s nice to have someone come alongside and help me.”

Rob Harrell, Senior Pastor

“In August, 2015, I transitioned to be full time Executive Director of a Christian ministry and a coach from SOLIDpastors provided leadership coaching for me in this role. I am forever grateful to my coach for his assistance. His insight and the tools he brings to ministry leaders can accelerate and guide them on their path to success and tremendous accomplishments.”

Neil Kenagy, Executive Director – Christian Non-Profit

“The question is, do you want to get better at what you do in life and work? If so, then you need SOLIDpastors on your team. Helping you be better at all you do is their passion. What I enjoy most is the back and forth of discovery I have with my coach each month. He listens well and probes even better. It doesn’t matter if you are at the top of your game or just starting out, my coach always seems able to meet me where I am at. Many benefit from a coach’s influence but everyone truly needs a faithful encourager to help you move from good to great. My coach is both!”

Rich Carney, Executive Director – Christian Non-Profit